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All Size Supply sells wall anchors and fastener anchors in a variety of styles and configurations, making it easy to find the right model for your specific application. From hollow wall anchors to concrete screws and everything in between, we have the anchors your project needs.
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  • Wedge Anchors: Wedge anchors are designed to securely attach fasteners and fixtures to concrete. Once installed into a predrilled hole, the wedge mechanism is tightened using a nut to securely moor the anchor to the concrete.
  • Sleeve Anchors: Designed to anchor into concrete, brick, and block, sleeve anchors are also installed into predrilled holes. Turning the nut at the end of a sleeve anchor pulls the working end of the shaft through the sleeve, expanding the sleeve and creating a secure connection.
  • Lag Screw Shields: These anchors are designed for use with lag screws. Suitable for installation in predrilled holes in concrete, brick, and block, a lag shield will expand as the lag screw is inserted to provide a secure anchor point.
  • Hammer Drive Anchors: Also known as drive pin anchors, these fasteners can be installed into masonry materials via predrilled holes. Blows from a hammer will drive a nail into the anchor body, expanding it to create a tight fit.
  • Drop In Anchors: These internally-threaded concrete anchors are often used in overhead installation or produce a flush fitting in a concrete surface. Drop in anchors are commonly used to support handrails, lighting fixtures, pipes, etc.
  • U Drive Anchors: U drive anchors—also known as U drive screws—are a fast, simple, and cost-effective way to securely fasten name plates in castings. They are tamper-proof and offer significant holding power. U drive anchors require a small pilot hole and can be driven in with a hammer or mallet.
  • Expansion Shield Anchors: Similar to lag shields anchors, these devices are designed to securely anchor high loads to concrete or other masonry materials. Expansion shield anchors expand as bolts or lag screws are threaded in to provide sturdy support. These anchors have a machine thread, as opposed to a lag-type thread.
  • Concrete Screws: As the name suggests, concrete screws are specially designed for anchoring into concrete, brick, and block. When inserted into pre-drilled holes, the unique threads of concrete screws dig in tight. Ideal for a wide range of anchoring applications.
  • Hollow Wall Anchors: Our hollow wall anchors provide reliable support for anchoring and hanging in drywall or plaster. They consist of a machine screw threaded into slotted metal sleeve; tightening the screw expands the sleeve outward and against the back/inside of the wall.
  • Toggle Wing Anchors: Designed for hanging and anchoring in drywall and other hollow walls, toggle wing anchors have “wings” that open inside the wall to brace against it and provide support. Also known as toggle bolts or butterfly anchors.
  • Machine Screw Anchors: These anchors are designed for anchoring in concrete, brick, or block. Machine screw anchors are “female” type supports with internal threads for machine screws. Machine screw anchors require a setting tool to install. Setting tools are available here and here.
  • Wood Screw Anchors: Used for light, shallow-hold anchoring in masonry and concrete. Wood screw anchors are inserted into pre-drilled holes and expand for a tight, secure fit when a wood screw or similar fastener is threaded in. 
  • Conical Plastic Anchors: Designed for use with sheet metal screws or similar in block, brick, concrete, and drywall. Light-duty conical plastic anchors are inserted into predrilled holes, and expand when screws or bolts are inserted. A versatile solution for light duty anchoring.
  • Nylon Nail Anchors: Nylon nail anchors are designed to provide light duty anchoring or hanging in concrete, brick, or block with small-gauge nails. Inserted into pre-drilled holes, these nylon anchors expand when nails are driven in to grip into the wall material.
  • Eye Couplings: Ideal for a  range of anchoring applications, including hanging pipe and fixtures. Eye couplings can be combined with many of our other anchor styles for even greater support in drywall, concrete, brick, or block.
  • EZ Anchors: Perfect for anchoring screws into drywall, sheetrock, or gypsum board. One-piece, self-drilling EZ Anchors are available in metal or plastic varieties to meet the needs of a wide range of hanging and anchoring applications. 
  • Mungo Products: Mungo brings Swiss fastening technology to the world! All Size Supply offers a wide range of Mungo’s anchoring products, including framing anchors, hammer screws, jet plug kits, nylon plugs, and universal plugs.
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