All Size Supply stocks a huge inventory of bolts in various sizes and styles to meet your unique needs. Most varieties are available in both inch and metric sizes. Various materials, material grades, and coatings/platings are available.

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  • Hex Bolts: Hex bolts are as close to a “standard” bolt as one can get. As their name suggests, they have hexagonal heads, as well as machine threads that make them excellent for general purpose fastening with nuts or tapped holes. Sometimes referred to as hex cap screws or machine bolts.
  • Heavy Hex Bolts: Heavy hex bolts are the same as regular hex bolts, but bigger and more heavy-duty for tougher fastening applications. Also available fully- or partially-threaded, depending on your needs.
  • Structural Bolts: Similar in design to hex bolts, structural bolts are designed for high load, high strength applications. They are especially well-suited for joining steel to steel, such as structural supports in construction projects. It is from this application that structural bolts derive their name.
  • Square Head Bolts: Square head bolts are essentially the same as hex bolts, but with square heads. Machine threads allow them to be used with both tapped holes and nuts. Available in full- and partially-threaded varieties.
  • Hex Lag Screws: Hex lag screws are large-scale wood screws with six-sided heads. Also known as lag bolts, hex lag screws can be used for other applications, but their threads are specifically designed to grip wood.
  • Carriage Bolts: Carriage bolts feature machine threads and smooth, domed heads with a square neck to keep them from spinning. Carriage bolts must be used with nuts to achieve secure fastening.
  • Tap Bolts: Tap bolts are a variation of hex bolts that are threaded along their entire length. Tap bolts are designed for use in tapped holes and are useful in applications where studs with nuts on both ends are unworkable.
  • Elevator Bolts: Elevator bolts are similar to carriage bolts—they have large, smooth, flat heads with square necks, and they must be coupled with nuts. We offer elevator bolts with countersunk heads for more secure fastening.
  • Step Bolts: Like carriage bolts, step bolts also feature square shoulders and large bearing surfaces that give them improved stability in any material. Step bolts are designed with larger and lower profile heads than carriage bolts.

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