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All Size Supply stocks a huge selection of washers in standard inch and metric sizes. We offer a variety of styles, materials, and configurations to meet your requirements. Select washer varieties are available with special plating or coatings for improved corrosion resistance. Flat washers, lock washers, square washers, plate washers—if you need washers, we’ve got you covered!
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  • Structural Washers: Like our structural bolts and structural hex nuts, structural washers are designed for “heavy duty” structural and construction applications. Made from highly durable materials, structural washers will stand up to the toughest environmental conditions.
  • Flat Washers: One of two “standard” washer varieties, along with lock washers. Placed between the head of a bolt or nut to provide smooth bearing surface, flat washers help distribute the fastener load over a wider area to reduce stress.
  • Thru-Hardened Flat Washers: Thru hardened flat washers perform the same function as standard flat washers, but are specially treated in the manufacturing process to give them additional strength and toughness. Ideal for nearly any application requiring nuts and bolts.
  • Stainless Steel Flat Washers: These specialty flat washers are manufactured from high quality stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance. Stainless steel flat washers are well-suited to outdoor applications or those involving repeated exposure to water.
  • Lock Washers: The unique shape of lock washers helps keep threaded fasteners from loosening, and are specially designed to prevent vibration. Lock washers are commonly found in mechanical applications where repetitive motion occurs.
  • Stainless Steel Split Lock Washers: Manufactured from stainless steel materials for improved corrosion resistance, these lock washers reduce vibration that can cause fasteners to loosen. Ideal for outdoor applications or those where exposure to water may occur.
  • Round Plate Washers: These oversized washers are designed to provide a larger load bearing surface than “standard” size flat washers. Manufactured from low carbon steel, round plate washers are often used in wood construction to prevent fasteners from digging into the wood.
  • Round Malleable Washers: Most often used in heavy timber and marine construction, round malleable washers provide a large bearing surface and are extra thick to prevent heavy duty bolt heads or nuts from pulling through wood connections.
  • Square Washers: As the name suggests, square washers are essentially the same as flat washers, but in a four-sided shape. The extra surface area square washer provide helps limit stress on contacting parts, and also reduces noise and vibration.
  • Countersunk Finishing Washers: These washers are specially designed for use with countersunk screws. Countersunk finishing washers are designed to protect the surface of the material and add a favorable aesthetic appearance.
  • Shear Plate Washers: Also known as timber washers or timber connectors, shear plate washers are primarily used in wood-to-metal or wood-to-wood connections. They provide greater load-bearing capacity and can improve the strength of joints.
  • Nylon Washers: Manufactured from durable polymer materials, nylon washers provide good bearing strength and excellent anti-friction properties. Ideal for a wide range of light duty applications.
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