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All Size Supply maintains a massive inventory of nuts, with all standard sizes and numerous styles available. Most of the nuts we offer are available in both inch and metric sizes. Various materials, material grades, and coatings/platings are available. From axle nuts to tee nuts to wing nuts, we’ve got the right product for your needs.
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  • Finished Hex Nuts: The most common type of nut, and as close to a “standard” design as one can get. As their name suggests, they are hexagonally shaped, with internal threads that screw onto the shank of a bolt. Easy to install with a correctly-sized wrench or socket.
  • Structural & Heavy Hex Nuts: These “heavy duty” hex nuts are intended for demanding mechanical and structural applications. Structural hex nuts and heavy hex nuts are designed to be stronger than the structural bolts onto which they’re threaded.
  • Hex Jam Nuts: Jam nuts are special low-profile nuts, usually roughly half as tall as a standard hex nut. Typically used as a “second nut” or locknut, they are threaded onto a bolt to keep a previously installed nut from loosening. These nuts “jam” up against the first nut to lock it in place.
  • Machine Screw Nuts: These nuts are specifically designed to fit small-diameter machine screws. Machine screw nuts are generally thinner than regular nuts, and most varieties feature a “finished” side for butting up against the surface without the need for a washer.
  • Nylon Insert Locknuts: Also known as locking nuts or lock nuts, locknuts are designed to resist loosening under vibration and torque. The nylon inserts in these lock nuts deform elastically upon installation to provide reliable locking action.
  • All Metal Locknuts: Locknuts—a.k.a. locking nuts or lock nuts—are a style of nut designed to resist unwanted loosening due to vibration or torque. All metal locknuts combine dependable locking action with high durability for extended working life.
  • Acorn Nuts: Sometimes referred to as cap nuts, acorn nuts feature a domed head that covers the threads of the nut or screw onto which it is fastened. This domed head helps prevent stripping and protects the threads from damage and corrosion.
  • Coupling Nuts: Often called extension nuts, coupling nuts are designed to join two male threads. A hexagonal outer shape makes them easy to tighten with a wrench. Reducing coupling nuts are available to join threaded sections of different sizes.
  • Slotted Hex Nuts: A slotted nut features grooves on its head intended to align with a hole(s) in the bolt onto which it is threaded. These holes commonly accept cotter pins, and, together with slotted nuts, ensure that assemblies do not separate and that machine settings are maintained.
  • Square Nuts: As their name suggests, square nuts are four-sided fasteners with internal threading. Square nuts create a greater surface area in contact with the part being fastened than hex nuts do, and are therefore more resistant to unwanted loosening.
  • Tee Nuts: Often spelled “t nut” or “t-nut”, tee nuts are designed to provide anchor points for bolts in wood, particleboard, or composite materials. With long, thin bodies with flanges at one end, they resemble Ts when seen in profile. When properly installed, tee nuts leave a flush surface.
  • Wheel Nuts: Commonly referred to as “lug nuts,” wheel nuts are used to secure wheels on vehicles. Wheel nuts typically have one rounded or otherwise tapered end that is intended to help center the wheel on the axle; this tapering also reduces the tendency for nuts to loosen.
  • Wing Nuts: These nuts have two projections or “wings” extending from opposite sides, making them easy to tighten and loosen by hand without using tools. Wingnuts have a wide range of common applications, from bicycles to drum kits.
  • Stainless Hex Nuts: These hexagonal nuts are manufactured from stainless steel to provide greater corrosion resistance in demanding work environments.
  • Stainless Locknuts: These locknuts are manufactured from stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance. Nylon inserts provide reliable locking action upon installation.
  • Metric Flange Nuts: The wide flanges on these nuts act as integrated, non-spinning washers. This distributes the pressure of the nut over the part being secured and reduces the potential for damage to the part. The flanges also make the nuts less likely to loosen on an uneven surface.
  • Weld Nuts: Weld nuts are specifically designed to be welded to another object, either before or after being threaded onto a bolt. Available with bases of various shapes to meet the needs of the welding operation.
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