Socket Screws

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All Size Supply stocks a huge inventory of socket screws of all styles. Whether you need a large volume or just a handful, we will get you what you need.   Contact us for all of your screw needs.
  • Socket Head Cap Screws: For spaces that are too small for wrenches, socket head cap screws are the smart choice. Machine assemblies often use socket head cap screws.
  • Flat Socket Cap: Flat socket cap screws are space-saving fasteners that sit flush with the surface.
  • Button Socket Cap: Button head socket cap screws offer the same benefits as socket head and flat socket screws, but also offer more tensile strength.
  • Low Head Socket Cap: In tight spaces, where there is not space for a socket head cap screw, low head socket cap screws fit easily.
  • Socket Shoulder Cap Screws: Cylindrical, unthreaded ‘shoulders’ make it possible for pulleys, gears and other parts to move.
  • Pipe Plugs: Threaded fittings allow pipe plugs to securely close off the ends of pipes.

Set Screws

We carry a complete range of set screws. Set screws are headless fasteners that sit flush against the mounting surface and attach to pulleys and shafts. Set screws vary widely, and are available with several different types of points, including cone points, cup points and oval points. Our catalog includes:

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