All Size Supply is a leading full-line distributor clamps for oilfield and industrial applications. We maintain a huge, ready-to-ship inventory of clamps of shapes, sizes, and styles to meet your specific needs.
We stock durable, high quality clamps from some of the best manufacturers on the market. We carry standard and specialty clamps in a range of materials and material grades, all at competitive prices. Our inventory includes:
  • Worm gear hose clamps
  • Rubber cushion clamps
  • Constant torque clamps
  • Vinyl steel clamps
  • Hose liner clamps
  • Oetiker clamps
  • Loom clamps
  • Nylon clamps
  • T-bolt clamps
  • Beam clamps

If you need help finding the right clamps for your application, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!
Everyone Sells Parts—We Sell Service

All Size Supply is does far more than just sell clamps and related products—we provide unrivaled service in three core areas that sets us apart from the competition and gives our customers greater value for their dollar. No one does service like we do!

We offer vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs to ensure that the clamps, hardware, and other products you need are on hand, when you need them and in the quantities you require. We’ll keep you fully stocked so your operation can continue to run smoothly. 

With our custom kitting solutions, it’s easy to streamline your manufacturing process and run a lean operation. We deliver custom kits that each contain all the components we sell that go into the production of one of your products.

For customers in the Dallas, Houston, and Odessa areas, same-day local shipping is available for most orders.

Request a quote on the clamps and related products you need, or contact All Size Supply for more information.